zero germ pure natural electrolyzed water disinfectant sprayer provides fast and easy cleaning! 
Electrolyzed Water

Disinfectant Sprayer

Only $49.99

Features & Benefits

 Sanitize Surfaces and Objects in Minutes

 Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Odors

 Chemical Free Deodorizer

 100% Natural for Non-Toxic Cleaning

 Add Water and Table Salt to create Sterilizing Solution

 Automatic Nano Mist Spray for Large Areas

 3 Concentration Strengths & 2 Operation Modes

 Rechargeable USB Power

 Secure, Easy to Use, Non-Slip surface

Now you can create a safe disinfectant 

solution at home!

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Safely Sanitize any Surface with Sodium Hypochlorite 100%Natural

Destroys germs on any surface or object

Sanitize Surfaces and Objects in Minutes
100% Natural for Non-Toxic Cleaning
Feel safe, Use it Everywhere to clean & sanitize
Kills Bacteria and Odors Instantly

zero germ pure allows you to decide the strength

  • 99.9% Disinfecting Rate
  • Safely sanitizes surfaces & objects
  • 100% Natural for Non-Toxic cleaning
  • Three Concentration Strengths
  • Two Operation Modes
  • Rechargeable USB Power